Safety and Quality Assured Production System

Safety and Quality Assured Production System

Our shiga factory has obtained the FSSC22000 certification in March 2014 to improve quality and further strengthen our production system. Furthermore, in January 2015, we opened a second factory and worked to create a safer production environment for our customers.

Food safety Policy

As a company that manufactures food additives and milk ingredients, we are committed to create an organization that raises awareness and provides peace of mind. Our employees understand, follow and conduct periodic reviews.

  • 1、We are devoted to satisfying our customers by providing food additives and milk ingredients that are both safe and of excellent quality.
  • 2、Yearly, we plan specific goals for producing safe and quality products and continuously make improvements.
  • 3、We fully understand and comply with the legal and regulatory requirements related to business operations.
  • 4、We actively communicate with customers and suppliers in order to provide customers with information on quality and safety of food.
  • 5、We consciously make improvements and take full responsibility.
  • 6、We will conduct education for all employees to enhance awareness of food safety, acquire knowledge, and foster proper actions.

About Shiga Factory

“Food Safety Management System Certification FSSC 22000”acquired.

Manufactures “Enzyme modified dairy” and “Flavour Formulas”

  • Operation of the first factory from December 2005 and the operation of the second factory in January 2015
  • Site area approximately 9400 square meters
  • Approximately 30 employees
  • Annual production of about 500 tons
Sun Aroma Co., Ltd. Shiga Factory whole view