Food flavoring Research and Development

Research policy and development field

Research policy

Research policy

Enriching people’s Lives and lifestyles

In our laboratory, we make products customers first policy. In order to ensure safety and assurance and to respond to customers’ needs quickly and accurately, we strive to make efforts to satisfy customer’s various requests and consultations. Through our products and technology, we aim to make life more enjoyable.

Development field

Development field

Milk Research and Development

Our laboratory conducts research and development specialized in “Milk”. “Milk” is the first nourishment we mammals take at birth for growth and development.

In this way, “Milk”, which is a primary source of nutrition for mammals, is an excellent source of nutrients and have great taste as well. It also complements with various foods. Milk can be used to mask unpleasant flavors thus, we use milk on various beverages, frozen desserts, confectionaries and dishes. We will conduct research on such “milk” from various angles, and will continue to research and develop products specializing in “milk” that have a fundamental taste.

Development field

Commitment to development system and legal compliance

Development system

In the recent years, new food products have fast product cycle, therefore we must develop new products rapidly and in large quantities at high quality. In order to support the research and development, we attach great importance to the three divisions of our laboratory through collaboration and research and development to grasp the needs of our customers.

Flavoring Division

In the flavoring department, we develop high quality flavors promptly and accurately while ensuring safety and assurance based on the information on “milk” that we have studied for years. Aside from milk-based flavor we also conduct researches on flavor such as fruits, coffee, and chocolate and we are able to provide flavorings quickly and accurately according to the current trends. Flavoring forms are water-soluble, oil-soluble, emulsion type and powdered. We continuously research and develop flavors for various foods and beverages such as frozen desserts, desserts, confectionaries, and baked products.

Flavoring Division

MCP Division (milk and material development / prototyping section)

「We develop original milk products using our very-own technology and method. We conduct research and development on milk materials namely, “Foods mainly made of Milk” and emulsified products. We develop original materials using our original extraction and processing techniques based on the animal or plant source used. Additionally, materials and flavoring prototypes are created and finished as close as possible to the final product and are meticulously evaluated for taste. We widely analyze the latest food trends and provide specific samples to our customers, in order to assist in product planning.

Flavoring Division

Fundamental research Division

Utilizing the latest analytical equipment, our engineers analyze flavors and fragrances from samples. Afterwards, the flavor division creates natural-like and attractive flavors based on the analytical data obtained. Furthermore, we also explore on stabilization of physical properties of emulsified flavor to create characteristic flavor.

Flavoring Division

Commitment to legal compliance

In order to ensure food safety and assurance, our laboratory works hand-in-hand with the Quality Assurance Department to guarantee strict quality standard for raw materials even from the product designing stage. We work to ensure legal compliance by confirmation of compatibility of the raw materials with the set regulations. We believe that thorough source management is an important first step to safe and quality assured food.

Research and Development System

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General information on flavorings

Functions of food flavoring

  • Flavoring (enhancement)
  • Improve Palatability
  • Masking of off-flavors from base material used
  • Other functions

How to use food flavors flavorings

Add the appropriate amount of approximately 0.1% (standard amount) to food as additive to enhance flavor, improve palatability, mask off-flavors, and other functions. The method of application and amount may depend on the nature of product and/or manufacturing method.

Forms of food flavorings and their general use

  • Water-soluble liquid Flavoring
  • Oil-soluble liquid Flavoring
  • Emulsions
  • Enzyme Modified Dairy
  • Powdered Flavoring
  • Spray Dried Powder Flavoring